How to Nail your Agent Meeting

So you've been invited to meet with an agent who is at this stage interested in representing you. Don't freak out! The agent has called you in to get to know you and see if you both vibe!

I've outlined some tips to help those of you who may need it, this is not exclusive to all agencies but how I have seen the process during my time as an Agent and assistant.

Try to relax, I understand just how scary it can be, I myself had to be interviewed by an Agent to become an assistant. (See Diary of an Agent's Assistant)

Most actors thrive from the pre-show nerves, channel that energy and put your best foot forward in your meeting.

Be prepared. Who are you meeting from the agency? At our offices we work together and you get to meet everyone. That's not the case for all, in some cases you will be meeting with one agent and their assistant.

Do your research! Some agencies have a team page, find out who the team is and what work they've done.

Be as respectful to the assistant as you are to the agent. Many times as an assistant I was asked how I was spoken to and treated. It is taken into consideration when the time comes to decide whether or not to offer representation.

Know your CV. Often the agent talking to you will scan your CV while doing so, make sure you know what is on your CV so you can discuss at length, without losing any natural rhythm in the conversation.

Getting an agent doesn't mean job offers will fly in. It means you have someone in your corner fighting for you, getting you into the room and negotiating the best deal. You book the job on your talent.

Enjoy it, Agents and Casting directors want to see you win!

That's all for now folx! Stay tuned for more Agent advice! x

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